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We believe in analyzing and debating policy, which is why we promote guest contributions to HealthRader.com. Many of our most interesting articles come from readers such as you. If you’re curious about sending us an article to publish, we encourage you to contact us. If we expect the subject and article to even be a fit, we’ll work with you to get it edited and published.

Important Note: The contents must be written in English and 100% unique.

Important Instructions:
01. The article should be written on the relevant sites and comprise a minimum of 600 words.
02. The article should have a web link to my website and a trust link to another large website (It is very important to divert attention from Google). These links must be inserted within the content, not separately.
03. You could use the images within the article as well.
04. The article should have a natural look.
04. Don’t include such words like advertising, sponsors, partners, etc. We have the right to accept or reject the articles.

“Write for Us” Guidelines:
The content must be according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Important Notes:
We are no longer accepting essay writing, casino gambling, loans, or adult content.

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